Keystone Handler Academy is dedicated to helping create a partnership with your dog to help navigate your world and alleviate your disability.  We would love an opportunity to book a Free Discovery Consultation.  


Keystone Handler Academy was formed in 2018 by Barbara Phillips based on the experiences she had service dog trainer and delivery trainer. After working with over 50 service dog teams, she understood that there was a way to train and support handlers in their journey with their service dog that would not require a stranger to come into their home, or for the team to fly across the country or travel outside of their own space.  Correct use of interactive video groups and lesson plans that are designed for service dog handlers who do not have a background in dog training can transform struggles into strengths. Here at Keystone we believe that resources and support along with a tribe of handlers on the same journey are a powerful tool to have as a service dog handler navigating a sometimes, reluctant world.


Donation to Trevor and Cocoa Partnership.

The Douglas Family has found the perfect partner for their Type1 diabetic,Trevor. While most families have years to go through the process of finding a match and searching for a dog that will fit into their space this opportunity happened in a few short weeks. Cocoa started her career as a diabetic alert dog as a demonstration dog for the online course offered by Keystone Handler Academy during the Covid pandemic and proved her abilities to alert to blood sugar with accuracy and joy. The stars aligned and the partnership was formed on the day Trevor and Cocoa met. Thank you for your contribution to funding her purchase so that Keystone can provide affordable DAD programs.