Public Trained Dog

While I navigate the isle of the grocery store, trying to keep the dog and cart headed in the same direction, and not because of the dog, but the wobbly wheel on the cart that is making a kerplunk sound that would annoy the dead, I have the misfortune of being barked at by the chihuahua in the cute plaid coat with matching bow on the cue ball sized head of a designer dog. Now my dog simply glances at the barking ball of fur and gives me a look that screams to me that she knows that little snake hole digger is breaking the rules. We move quickly past the barking dog before its little head explodes. All the while the owner is saying what a cute puppy I have and how well behaved it is. Because my dog is unflustered by the yapping animal who is behaving badly I say nothing and go about the business of kerplunking my way to the checkout before my ice cream melts. While standing in line I answer a question from the store clerk about how old the dog is and listen to her tell me about the family dog they have at home who is part of the same breed. While there are some interactions during our day together, my dog and I, that are filled with heartfelt gratitude from people who understand she is a super hero who will save a life on a regular basis, very few understand that all we want to do is get our shopping done without a health incident. But if a health issue was to arise I seriously doubt the plaid clad yapper would be of any assistance. That well behaved quiet dog has a job and needs to be in public, let her.

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